Peachy Mondays. It doesn’t exactly scream HR Tech, does it? But what it does reflect is the mentality that underpins everything we do. Peachy Mondays is an employee feedback tool designed to give employees a single familiar interface and to give employers, and their HR departments, a single central hub for internal communications. Our motivation is simple: people.

The overarching vision at Peachy Mondays is ‘happy people work better’. A broad sentiment though it may be, ‘happy people work better’ appropriately reflects the range of applications Peachy Mondays can be used for. It isn’t limited by industry, sector or territory. Peachy Mondays is adaptable to organisations at enterprise scale and available in multiple languages.

But why Peachy Mondays?

Dictionary definitions of ‘peachy’ include all-around good, wonderful, excellent and very good. In naming our HR solution Peachy Mondays we set our direction as an agent that brings business and people together so that everyone can feel positive and peachy about their job, colleagues and place of work. We’ve all heard someone moan about Monday morning. Well, we want to be part of the solution to make Mondays peachy instead of painful.

And happy people do work better. They’re also more motivated, more productive and more loyal to the organisation they work for. People who have peachy Mondays are happy in their roles and measure their day by their contribution, not how long it is until home time. That’s why we believe more people should enjoy themselves better and have better, more productive working lives.

Everyone should be excited by the potential they have at work and look forward, even on a Monday, to what they’ll be doing in the week ahead. We want people to have peachy Mondays.

So how can we help?

Peachy Mondays focuses on employee feedback as an area within which we can make a difference and improve things. Customers tell us stories of Peachy Mondays empowering them to make significant changes to help their people.

How we do that is by enabling a more collegiate, transparent and inspired working environment for everyone. We give each person a voice. So when people are asked for their opinion, they’re able to answer truthfully, fully and anonymously without any perceived consequences of their honest opinion. We help people contribute to the business they work for with their own ideas and honest opinions.

So no, Peachy Mondays doesn’t tell you exactly what we do; but we wouldn’t want to be called Action-Oriented Employee Feedback – that’s far too long! We wanted our name to inspire the very idea that motivates us to do what we do, and that is to help ‘happy people work better’ even on Mondays, wherever they work.

If you’d like to look forward to peachier Mondays, get in touch about using the Peachy Mondays HR solution to make it happen for you and your people.