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Employee involvement accelerates change. Most change efforts fail because of employee resistance.

How employee involvement accelerates change

Employee involvement accelerates change. Most change efforts fail because of employee resistance.

The pace of change in the world of work has never been faster.  Becoming more agile and flexible is now a business requirement.  It seems that change is the only constant and this can be tough for the people you rely on the most in order to achieve success – your workforce. 

Why is engaging employees through change important?

Successful transformation requires changes to culture and behaviour as well as changes to structure, systems and processes.  Involving employees in transformation, listening to and acting on their feedback, makes it more likely that change will be adopted.

How do we measure the effectiveness of transformation programs?

We assess employee sentiment towards change using proven questions, designed by survey experts and validated by consultants who are experts in their field.

We not only measure employee sentiment, we measure drivers of change.  Change drivers are actions that have a proven, measurable impact on transformation.  They include: clearly communicated strategy for change, leadership alignment and employee involvement in change.

How do we help our clients to drive transformation?

Traditional surveys measure employee sentiment but they won’t tell you why your employees think the way they do.

Targeted Anonymous Dialogue™ enables our clients to have two-way anonymous conversations with employees to understand and - crucially - take action on their feedback.

Our platform also analyses survey data to assesses the strength of the correlation between transformation drivers and employee sentiment towards change.  Correlation analysis enables our clients to identify the actions that will have the most positive impact on employee sentiment at every stage of the change process.

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Our clients are using our platform to accelerate all types of transformation – mergers, acquisitions, organisational restructuring, new ways of working, culture and behaviour change.

Brussels Airlines and Eurowings are using our employee feedback platform to drive transformation using real-time employee feedback.

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