Improve productivity, performance and organisational effectiveness.

Pricing & Return on Investment

Powerful financial business case

Employee engagement levels are a far greater predictor of future performance than historic financial metrics.

Improve organisational performance by reducing absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover.

Enable significant efficiency gains for your busy, over-stretched HR teams. 

Replace ineffective, inefficient focus groups with real-time anonymous conversations.

Payback in 6 months

Easily build a financial business case that demonstrates the value of your investment.

Read more about the business case for employee engagement.

Flexible Pricing

Guide pricing is set out below, but we know that one size doesn’t fit all. We partner with you to understand your requirements and develop an employee listening strategy that meets your unique needs, and evolves at the right pace.

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Your first step to engaging employees with ongoing feedback opportunities
£ 1
$ 1.40
(min. £500/month)
(min. €600/month)
(min. $700/month)

Unlimited surveys and pulses that you can customise, with real time root cause analysis


Empower your people with personalised actionable insights that let you take effective action fast
£ 2
$ 2.80
(min. £1000/month)
(min. €1200/month)
(min. $1400/month)
The Essential package, plus employee lifecycle feedback channels and multiple languages


Take full ownership of your employee feedback management with ultimate customisation and flexibility
£ custom
$ custom
Add support for single sign on, complex hierarchies and access controls, ERP/HRIS/HCM integration
Full Service

Engagement Diagnosis

Before embarking on ongoing employee feedback, find out where you're starting from with a fully managed Engagement Diagnosis
£ 10,000
$ 14,000
up to 2,000 employees
(fixed price)
Start to finish in as little as 4 weeks with dynamic real-time interactive results and a consultant-led approach

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