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“Peachy Mondays combine a best-of-breed enterprise-scale employee feedback platform, with outstanding service and advice. We're not hampered by old technology or thinking. We partner with our clients… providing exceptional business value”



Your first step to engaging employees with ongoing feedback opportunities
£ 1
$ 1.40
(min. £500/month)
(min. €600/month)
(min. $700/month)

Unlimited surveys and pulses that you can customise, with real time root cause analysis


Empower your people with personalised actionable insights that let you take effective action fast
£ 2
$ 2.80
(min. £1000/month)
(min. €1200/month)
(min. $1400/month)
The Essential package, plus employee lifecycle feedback channels and multiple languages


Take full ownership of your employee feedback management with ultimate customisation and flexibility
£ custom
$ custom
Add support for single sign on, complex hierarchies and access controls, ERP/HRIS/HCM integration
Full Service

Engagement Diagnosis

Before embarking on ongoing employee feedback, find out where you're starting from with a fully managed Engagement Diagnosis
£ 10,000
$ 14,000
up to 2,000 employees
(fixed price)
Start to finish in as little as 4 weeks with dynamic real-time interactive results and a consultant-led approach

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Take Action in a Heartbeat

At the heart of every Peachy Mondays solution is a unique platform that lets you gather, understand and take action on employee feedback much faster than has been possible before.

Understand the Root Cause

Instant Analysis and Reporting with Targeted Anonymous Dialogue™ lets you drill down to the root cause immediately, replacing weeks and months of inefficient focus groups and team meetings.

Use Our Experience

Our pragmatic Professional Services get you up and running in no time - with outstanding service and advice. We're not hampered by old technology or thinking. We partner with our clients… providing exceptional business value



Even though I would say that colleagues generally feel confident in openly sharing opinions, I was surprised at the volume, depth and quality of information we received. The effort to consult with our people was reduced by 100's of hours. I am certain we would not have received all of the data with another method, such as focus groups. While face to face approaches are often desirable for many reasons, there is a danger in paying most attention to the ‘loudest’ voices.

Helen Archibald

Dundee & Angus College / former Asst Principal
When a survey closes and the results come up, we can act…there and then. Addressing the Millennials’ need for speed, on a handheld device, is really engaging

Robert Allan

HR Director, Apex Hotels
The platform is a strategic internal communication tool… Peachy Mondays are proactive, quick and efficient, always available...we are very impressed!

Ilse Verhelst

Internal Communication Manager at Brussels Airlines
So easy to adopt… and ensures your employees feel valued and listened to. And the Hotline on our Intranet produced some unexpected, but positive results and has been a welcome addition to our internal comms strategy.

Shirley Phillips

Head of Organisational Development, Thorntons Law LLP
The follow-on conversations make a huge difference, quickly putting things in perspective… You cannot get that from a flat survey.

Abigail Mawhirt

Head of HR & OD, Dundee & Angus College
Often the best ideas appear to be the simplest. The anonymous follow-up conversation feature is so obvious; to call it a survey is missing the point, it's really a whole new way for HR to communicate and gain real insights for their engagement projects. The employee experience is deceptively simple! We are recommending all our clients look seriously at Peachy Mondays.

Kim Walker

Advance Consultancy / Director
The way Peachy Mondays allows employers to engage in 121 conversations with staff helps to get to the bottom of those difficult issues. And using positive responses in conversations was something I hadn't previously thought of -- the potential use of those conversations has set me thinking! The whole experience with Peachy Mondays has been a great help for me and the team!

Deborah Taggart

Eildon Housing / HR Manager

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