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From blue Mondays to Peachy Mondays – a journey to workplace happiness

A philosophy anchored in happiness  The success of any organisation is inevitably linked to its people. At Peachy Mondays, this understanding is foundational. Our ethos is straightforward yet deeply significant: “happy people work better.” This isn’t just a tagline; it’s our guiding principle. Every capability…

How continuous employee listening strategies create sustainable value

The Significance of Employee Engagement  In today’s dynamic business landscape, employees demand more than a paycheck; they yearn for purpose, autonomy, and recognition.  Engagement skyrockets when personal aspirations align with the organisational mission. The research underscores the link between engaged employees and heightened well-being, satisfaction,…

Unsettling economic shifts stoke financial wellbeing concerns among employees

As economic uncertainties mount, intensified by the Bank of England’s recent interest rate rise to 5%, there’s a sweeping wave of financial anxiety influencing the wellbeing of millions of people in the UK and Europe. From skyrocketing food prices to increased mortgages, rising rent and utility costs, employees are feeling the crunch. A holistic approach to financial wellbeing can help business leaders navigate these tumultuous times, and the first step is to listen more closely to their employees.