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2023 Jobs Report indicates 25% job disruption – employee engagement time

Earlier this month at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Growth Summit, an Insight Report on the Future of Jobs was released. In this blog, we share some key trends and signals for organisations to embrace VoE initiatives to strengthen their talent pool, drive employee engagement, and navigate the ever-changing landscape of work.

Conscious Quitting – what is it and how can we address it?

Social justice, politics, and climate change used to be ‘no-go’ work conversations with many workplaces claiming ‘neutral ground’. But with increasing pressure for organisations to take a stand, and the rise of the B-Corp, employees are increasingly voting with their feet against companies with poor working and climate practices.

In this blog, we explore ‘conscious quitting’ – and how to identify whether that’s happening to you, and what steps you could take to retain consciously minded colleagues.

Join your peers at our 2023 Roundtable events

Discussing the big issues of the day, throughout 2023 we will be running our highly regarded peer-to-peer roundtables.
So whether its improving listening, deepening connections, understanding conscious quitting, creating a happier workplace, or supporting your managers, we have the session for you.