Frequently Asked Questions

What's the big idea?

Happy people work better. These four words drive everything we do.

How anonymous is Peachy Mondays?

100% anonymous. Our reputation rests on it. We take every precaution to ensure that the identity of respondents isn't compromised. There is no way that employers will ever see who said what.

Follow-up questions emails are sent to employees marked Private and do not reveal how you answered the question, so even if someone looks over your shoulder they would need to hijack the email and click the link. If you are happier to use your personal email address, that's just fine for us.

But if you are an employee responding to a follow-up question from your employer, remember not to say anything which could reveal your identity, avoid your favourite phrases or anything that's specific to you. Unless you are happy to reveal your identity, which could well be appropriate sometimes. Note, even if you choose to reveal yourself your employer will not know how you responded to other questions, only the one you are conversing about.

Peachy Mondays is an anonymous employee feedback platform that gives you deep insight in days rather than months. Capture WHAT your people feel, have targeted anonymous dialogue to find out WHY, and efficiently manage and analyse responses at enterprise scale.

The platform replaces conventional survey tools, speeds up analysis, and replaces the follow-up focus groups and meetings you would normally need to understand survey data.

‘Mobile friendly’ surveys can be produced in minutes and reports automatically generated, whilst follow-up dialogue can continue for as long as you need for your topic or goal.



Peachy Mondays is available for one-off projects or via monthly subscription for unlimited self-service use, with a 3 month initial subscription and no long term contracts. Get in touch and we can set you up right away.

Peachy Mondays is a platform that includes a survey tool and can replace conventional surveys and speed up analysis, but most importantly it replaces the follow-up focus groups and meetings you would normally need to UNDERSTAND survey data.

Even better, because it’s anonymous and fully inclusive, you get a DEEPER understanding than you otherwise would.

All in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.



We also offer consultancy, using our internal consultants or our partners depending on your business requirement and preference. Our experience can be of great value, particularly for your first project.

You can replace your conventional survey tool, speed up analysis, and replace the expensive and inefficient focus groups and follow-up meetings you would normally need to understand survey data, for a fraction of the cost.

The Peachy Mondays platform delivers continual value on-demand, so we charge a monthly subscription, paid quarterly in advance, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. Prices start from £500 ($750) per month for up to 500 employees, and volume discounts apply.

Additionally we offer consultancy depending on your requirement.

If your business requirement is of a more specialist nature, we have a number of partners who can provide organisational diagnostic quickly using Peachy Mondays and follow this with an action plan and implementation.



Peachy Mondays is entirely web based and supports almost any modern browser, mobile device or smart phones. There’s no need for any involvement from IT, although we do recommend carrying out an email deliverability test before starting ‘Conversations’.

That’s up to you, but you will be able to reduce the number, and have better informed discussions during them. It’s good to get people around a table for a number of reasons, allowing for a greater flow of ideas and interactions. But here’s a thing, with most focus groups you don’t know beforehand whether people are positive or negative about the topic – using Peachy Mondays you can select and invite people to attend a focus group based on their responses.

We encourage using Peachy Mondays as an key part of an Internal Communications or Organisational Development strategy to reach everyone quickly and effectively, but we wouldn’t advise it to be the only channel. You still need face time with people.



Peachy Mondays was founded by two Scottish entrepreneurs:

Gordon Adam (www.linkedin.com/in/gordonadam) is a co-founder of Peachy Mondays and takes responsibility for operations, project management, and jointly customer success. A chemical engineering graduate, he quickly moved into people management and has been involved in the HR and recruitment industries since 1989, co-founding, growing and exiting 5 businesses over the last 20 years, including two substantial IT recruitment companies (t/o to £45M) which enjoyed long term relationships with major enterprises, and RecruitmentScotland.com, a very early job board which dominated the Scottish market before being sold to Monster.com. With strong HR domain knowledge, driven by success, challenge and ‘doing what others don’t’, Gordon has an entrepreneurial passion for disruptive business models and turning new ideas into reality.

James Anderson (www.linkedin.com/in/jamesandersonuk) is a co-founder of Peachy Mondays and champions product design and innovation, with joint responsibility for customer success. An engineering graduate and professional musician during his early career, James is an experienced software entrepreneur and consultant, with specific expertise in product development, design (particularly UX and infoViz) and analytics. He has founded 4 technology businesses since 1995, including VeriSIM, a VC backed simulation software company which built a strong international blue chip client base, won several innovation awards, and was a regional finalist for E&Y Entrepreneur of The Year 2004. This was followed by Visual Insight, a sales analytics and forecasting product with Salesforce.com accreditation, which he sold prior to founding Peachy Mondays. He regards is biggest strength as problem solving, and his primary interest is providing technical solutions that are not just smart, but are implemented well and provide real business benefits.