Scott Mills has been appointed to a Senior Business Development role at Peachy Mondays and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome him to the team!

For the last five years Scott has excelled at market development with an approach that sees him identify the customers needs at exactly the right point in time, uncover new opportunities, build client relationships, and consistently deliver to clients expectations.

When asked about his appointment Scott said, “I’m incredibly happy to be joining Peachy Mondays. As an advocate for the voice of employees I believe everyone should be heard when it comes to work-related matters. With the ability to help companies understand the “why” of their employees’ feedback, we’ll be able to make a huge contribution to their workforces happiness. This is going to be an amazing journey, and I am looking forward to helping propel the company forward at this pivotal time.”

Scott is joining the team as the focus on employee wellbeing accelerates because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With more people than ever working from home employers are looking to understand how their workforce are coping and how they can support them.

CEO James Anderson said, “We’re delighted to have Scott on the team. With his experience and expertise, Scott brings skills to Peachy Mondays that will see us support our expanding client base, reach new markets, and continue to build on our success.”