As part of its 2018 Business Elite Program, SME News has announced Peachy Mondays as ‘The UK’s Most Outstanding Employee Feedback Platform – 2018’.

SME News celebrates those enterprises that consistently provide the best possible quality-of-service for their clients with innovative solutions and pioneering products. “Since our core values include being easy to deal with, protecting employee anonymity and maximising customer value through strategic alignment, it’s very satisfying to be named as the ‘most outstanding’ in the field” says Peachy Mondays James Anderson.

The business elite awards allows the strongest new companies to rise to the surface by showcasing creativity, excellence and quality-of-service. The list contains a diverse range of SME’s and Peachy Mondays is very pleased to be named among them.

Through our anonymous employee feedback platform we’re helping organisations to gain a deeper insight into what their people are thinking and why. In doing so, they can take action to effect change that’s aligned to their organisation’s goals.

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