The Fosway 9-Grid™, EMEA’s only independent market analysis model for next generation HR, talent and learning, has identified Peachy Mondays as ‘one to watch.’ We are in their “Potential Performer” category in the new 2020 survey, launched in October.

An integral part of the grid, Fosway has changed the way they measure performance in 2020. Moving away from traditional talent management thinking and lifecycles to looking at disruptive talent outcomes and people success. This new process covers every single employee in a business. In part, this change is driven by the current global pandemic. As well as the rapid rate of change faced by businesses today and how our sector is meeting that challenge head on.

As a lean, agile HR technology company with a scalable, enterprise employee feedback platform, we’ve certainly been busy with the former. Making sure our clients are as responsive as they need to be during the challenges presented by Covid-19. Something that has been noticed and no doubt driving our inclusion on the Fosway 9-Grid™ for the first time.

How the grid works

So, what is a “Potential Performer”? As the name suggests Fosway has rightly recognized us as a business with the scope to innovate. As well as develop our proposition and the depth of our offering. For those unfamiliar with the Fosway 9-Grid™, it is split in to two distinct fields of “Potential” and “Performance”. The nine square grid identifies and measures organisations using a matrix of measurements as well as taking into account business size, complexity, propositions and costs. It then places businesses in either “potential”, “solid” and “strong” performer boxes right up to the top of the grid in “potential leader” to “strong leader” positions.  

An important factor to consider when studying the grid for the first time is the emphasis Fosway place on each zone being equally important and adding value in their own right. The businesses in each zone are clearly laid out to allow comparison based on a number of factors. These include, Cost, Performance, Potential, Market Presence, and the future trajectory of each business. The measures look at a range of influencing factors. These include historic and current presence in the market and the size of the customer base. They also consider the number of enterprise customers and the overall size and scalability of the business.

A clear focus on ‘Return on Investment’

A key measurement is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) which is a calculation of the cost to implement a chosen platform. Peachy Mondays have been placed in the lower TCO cost bracket overall. This highlights our strength in the Return on Investment (ROI) our platform provides for our clients.

The benefits of a low TCO extends to the entire organisation. From helping to save time across HR teams, to cementing the overall benefits that the reduction in absenteeism, presenteeism and employee turnover provide by using Peachy Mondays. The significant revenue gain from the productivity improvements we create (over 23% on average) is supported by our focus on ROI. With typical payback periods of 6 months, this has to be an important consideration for any organisation when choosing us.

With our first-time placement on the Fosway 9-Grid™ – trending towards increasing our win rate, customer advocacy and presence in the market, the Peachy Mondays team is delighted with the opportunity to be noticed. Especially for the innovation and benefits our platform creates for our varied Enterprise and SME clients.

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