Reputational Risk

Provide a safe and secure channel for employees to raise potentially difficult issues.

According to, "C-suite executives and board directors believe reputational risk poses the greatest strategic threat to businesses. It can wipe out billions of dollars in market capitalization and impose sweeping changes to company leadership."

Leaders are increasingly concerned about inappropriate behaviour in particular. If you don't provide an internal mechanism for employees to safely raise issues AND there is not a rapid response from the organization, employees will take that commentary outside into the public domain (Glassdoor/Social Media etc.).

This represents massive reputational risk.

Peachy Mondays' anytime feedback channel provides a "Safety Valve". A safe and secure channel for anytime feedback from your people, that uniquely allows you to respond to the individual comment, without knowing the identity of the person you are engaging in "conversation".

Mitigate and solve difficult issues before they are externalised

Our consultants will tailor a governance framework that leads to recommendations, and we or our partners can assist with implementation of the resulting actions.

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Whatever your current focus - Employee Engagement, driving Change & Transformation, Diversity & Inclusion, mitigating Reputational Risk, Onboarding or Offboarding - you need to empower your people. Letting them truly understand and take action on employee sentiment fast.

We help organizations go from feedback to action in real time, so they're more people-centric, more agile and positive change can happen fast.

We combine our ground-breaking employee feedback platform, with outstanding service and advice.

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