Engagement Diagnosis

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Engagement Diagnosis

Before embarking on ongoing employee feedback, find out where you're starting from with a fully managed Engagement Diagnosis
£ 10,000
$ 14,000
up to 2,000 employees
(fixed price)
Start to finish in as little as 4 weeks with dynamic real-time interactive results and a consultant-led approach
  • Planning, administration and reporting completed in as little as 4 weeks
  • Validated question set
  • Multi-lingual UI for survey respondents
  • Targeted Anonymous Dialogue™ for real-time root cause analysis (consultant-led for an additional charge)
  • Dynamic, real-time interactive results dashboards
  • Consultant-led qualitative feedback analysis
  • Consultant-led executive presentation of survey results and key action priorities (in English)
  • Benchmarking
  • Reports with print and export capabilities
  • 24-hour email support

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Your first step to engaging employees with ongoing feedback opportunities
£ 1
$ 1.40
(min. £500/month)
(min. €600/month)
(min. $700/month)

Unlimited surveys and pulses that you can customise, with real time root cause analysis


Empower your people with personalised actionable insights that let you take effective action fast
£ 2
$ 2.80
(min. £1000/month)
(min. €1200/month)
(min. $1400/month)
The Essential package, plus employee lifecycle feedback channels and multiple languages


Take full ownership of your employee feedback management with ultimate customisation and flexibility
£ custom
$ custom
Add support for single sign on, complex hierarchies and access controls, ERP/HRIS/HCM integration