Employee Lifecycle

A single platform for all employee feedback throughout the employee journey

We give our customers a single integrated view across multiple sources of employee feedback.

This has 2 major benefits... you don't need to spend time trying to integrate data from different sources in order to get an overarching view of employee sentiment; and because Peachy Mondays is always positioned as your external feedback partner, the user experience for employees is simple and consistent throughout the employee journey.

Providing instant integrated insights across multiple feedback sources offsets months of data integration and bespoke analysis.


Automate the feedback process though the onboarding process to understand staisfaction, engagement and enablement.


Capture exit interviews in the same platform so that our analytics can highlight the early warning signs of employee attrition, improving retention.

Work with Peachy Mondays, because

Happy People Work Better

Whatever your current focus - Employee Engagement, driving Change & Transformation, Diversity & Inclusion, mitigating Reputational Risk, Onboarding or Offboarding - you need to empower your people. Letting them truly understand and take action on employee sentiment fast.

We help organizations go from feedback to action in real time, so they're more people-centric, more agile and positive change can happen fast.

We combine our ground-breaking employee feedback platform, with outstanding service and advice.

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